Hello, everyone! Today marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey—a journey that will take us through the hidden gems and vibrant life of cities around the world, many of which rarely make it onto the typical tourist itinerary.

Every week, we’ll delve into a new city, exploring its unique essence and sharing its stories. Our adventure will span across lesser-visited locales, from the remote cities of Laos to the bustling streets of the world’s dirtiest city in Bangladesh, the serene islands of Palau, the technological marvels of South Korea, and many more intriguing destinations.

And where do we begin? None other than Nepal, sometimes revered as the “Roof of the World.” It’s a place where the earth touches the sky, home to eight towering peaks over 8,000 meters, including the majestic Everest. Nepal is steeped in legend, from the birthplace of Buddha to the mythical trails of the Yeti.

Our journey will showcase the bustling streets of Kathmandu, the serene beauty of Pokhara, and the architectural wonders of Lalitpur. And yes, we might just catch a glimpse of Everest on our descent.

This adventure is not just about exploring new locations; it’s about discovering the soul of each place. Through the winding lanes of ancient cities, atop the highest peaks, and along the shores of tranquil islands, we’ll uncover stories that breathe life into our journey.

So, stay tuned as we embark on this unforgettable adventure, bringing you a weekly dose of inspiration and wanderlust.